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Submissions for this form are closed.

We recruit on regular basis, IT specialists, engineers and university graduates, fresh graduate or with experience, for positions in Lebanon . Please send us your CV with a motivation letter:

Unilog is specialized in IT engineering, it ensures all the stages of the realization of IT projects: Design, development, installation, implementation, training of the users and maintenance.

Unilog gives the priority for the deadlines, the functionalities, the costs and the quality of the delivered software: 'Our signature is a commitment', has always been our motto.

The IT engineering goal is the design of automated information systems that fit the needs of organization and business management.

This field is in full expansion because of the technological developments on one hand, and the increasing need of the companies for information systems on the other hand.

Our IT specialists advise our customers, design and carry out information systems. i.e., we are offering high level of intellectual services.

To be effective and competitive in this field, it is necessary to have solid technical and human skills.

Thanks to its training policy and its methodology, our company has reached a high level of experience and has mastered this profession. Our customers are grateful for having such an asset of competences.

After the initial training period, the Unilog IT specialistis will be assigned to a project and will be coached by a Project Leader. He will work within a team and will be given tasks in the realization of projects. 

Depending on the potential and the commitment of each one, the young IT specialist will get more or less quickly new challenges in different industry sectors and activities as analysis, training and project leading.

The Project Leader at Unilog deals with several kinds of responsibilities: technical, team management, customer relationship. Leading a project includes: systems design, realization, services organization, exploring and planning within the expected budget. At the beginning, he will lead small projects, then he will deal with more important projects.

A specialization by sector is also possible (banks, industry, insurance, etc...). The management information system implies a thorough knowledge of the company's core business.

Our profession offers a large possibility of intellectual and relational enrichment implied by the diversity of the contacts, but does not go without a certain number of requirements:

  1. Mobility requires a great capacity of technical and human adaptation to new environments.
  2. Unilog Engineers work in three languages Arabic, French and English depending on the customer.
  3. Offering services also implies a permanent good 'client relationship': our image and our reputation mainly depend on our consultant.
  4. We are totally engaged in respecting our customer: our responsibility is to give the good advice, the good quality and an excellent results.

The first salary is the average for the market, but the rapid increase in personal qualifications allows for continuous wage increases for long periods

In addition, Unilog offers to its employees the possibility  of participating to the profits  through its profit sharing system.

Recruitement process:

During one half-day spent in UNILOG, first of all a presentation of the company will be made by a manager of the company. Then, the candidates will pass a quiz to test their logical skills.
If the quiz results prove to be positive, the candidate will be invited to an individual interview, in order to study his personality and his motivation for making career in our company.
No preparation is needed for these test
Please send your CV to